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Chinese herbal medicines popular Palestinian farmers scrambled species
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From the end of last year, the price of Chinese herbal medicines Bazhong all the way up. Campanulaceae, honeysuckle, Treats, gardenia, Radix, Tianma and other common medicines double the price than usual, this increase in revenue to the local farmers brought the gospel . However, although the Department of Pakistan in the province and an important production base in northeast Sichuan Chinese herbal medicine "natural medical supply store", the medicine is gradually reduced acreage. Statistics show that in 2008, the city is only 6.73 mu of cultivated Chinese herbal medicines. Situation in the face of good sales this year, FDA drug safety oversight Bazhong Chief Qu Bo said that Pakistan has been experiencing the development of Chinese herbal medicines "golden period" should make full use of local conditions suitable for cultivation, selection honeysuckle , Tianma and other 10 varieties of local advantages, the establishment of medicinal breeding industry base, to promote industrial development. Found that some stock prices of Chinese herbal medicines November 22, Fort Bazhou District Township Village of flat beam to the Pakistani city of doctors PROSPECT AND Caoba Street, pharmacy, wholesale drug found that some common herbal medicines prices generally rose, the price of some medicines more than doubled. " Too expensive, traditional Chinese medicine market price instability, I just bought a small amount of Chinese herbal medicines for emergencies. "PROSPECT AND said. In the PROSPECT AND memory, Campanulaceae in the last year only 15 yuan / kg in June this year rose to 30 yuan / kg, 11 January rose to 80 yuan / kg. "Kikyo in the treatment of colds, upper respiratory tract infection, heat, etc. The most Liyan Curative, as commonly used drugs, the price actually rose by around 4 times. "Presented in the PROSPECT AND purchase the latest in a list of medicines, the reporter saw 14 Chinese herbal medicines and in November of this year in January the price comparison, almost all Rose 1 to 3 times. The prices of Chinese herbal medicines to bring the most direct effect of the increased cost of a lot of cold medicine. Drug manufacturer, said "too much" Bazhong Food and Drug Administration, according to statistics, the city's current production of Chinese medicinal products qualified enterprise 3, respectively, Puri medicine, Baishun Chinese Herbal Medicine Company, is Chinese Medicine Chinese Herbal Medicine Factory. The face of traditional Chinese medicine prices Grid increases, the drug companies generally feel "too much pressure." "If a company faces rising costs, then the product price is one of the ways of stress." In Pakistan in the eyes of the person in charge of a pharmaceutical, medicinal herbs linkage effects caused prices high. The responsible person referred Shao, one of the reasons this year, prices of Chinese herbal medicines five provinces in the southwest of drought, making the cut or total destruction of many Chinese herbal medicines; followed by increased demand for traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of chronic diseases has a good effect, making the traditional Chinese medicine for the non- Should demand, higher prices; the hot money into the market is also driving up the price of drugs. Pakistan and some drug manufacturers charge that the company needs now honeysuckle, Epimedium, wolfberry exist the possibility of continuing price increases, once pre-transfer price, the market response is not very good, many companies fear into the The high cost of goods, drug sales after the price adjustment delay, it simply stopped production. Villagers sell medicines to increase revenue During this time, a constant stream of herbs growers to Nanjiang Xing Ma, and other places honeysuckle growing base inspection. Medicine this year, the price to sell, so Nanjiang significant increase in household income honeysuckle plant. "This year's honeysuckle Ye do not know the price so high, in September, when a pound of 30 yuan, and now rose to 60 yuan a. "Million Jue Yuan, 52, is the village of Nanjiang Qiao Ting Qiao Ting rural village head is large planting honeysuckle. He said he Honeysuckle planted more than 1 mu, 8000 yuan this year, an income, the income is rice, wheat and other traditional food 10 times. Sell medicines this year, many farmers began scrambling herbs species. Nanjiang Forestry Administration as Director of the Office belongs to the honeysuckle industry has Qingling, this time, guidance for the coming year has been busy countryside honeysuckle production. Has Qingling, said one of the honeysuckle as an important traditional Chinese medicine, the price Mid-rise cell, which tea with flowers from last year's average of 25 yuan / kg up to a year, 40 yuan / kg, the villagers planted an acre of honeysuckle, with an income of 4,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan. At present, because too little supply, foreign businessmen To Pakistan can not even pick up. Department statement Pakistan encountered in the development of Chinese herbal medicines "golden period" Pakistan is the history of the famous "Qinba important drug," one of the areas, known as "the territory of Sichuan's natural medical supply store." However, although the Department of Pakistan in the province and an important production base in northeast Sichuan Chinese herbal medicine "natural medical supply store," The planting area of medicine is gradually reduced. Statistics show that in 2008, the city is only 6.73 mu of cultivated Chinese herbal medicines. "With the rural labor force to go out, the city's gradual reduction in area planted herbs." November 22, Bazhong Food and Drug Administration Drug Safety Oversight Section QU Bo said that Pakistan is only the amount of annual commercial drugs 900 tons, according to statistics, the city a total of 620 enterprises of Chinese herbal medicines, these medicines from overseas companies purchase more than 4,000 tons per year more than 500 varieties of herbs, which makes Brazil the traditional medicine production base in Gan Embarrassed situation. Qu Bo believes that the improvement of traffic conditions in Pakistan, making Pakistan a rare traditional Chinese medicine development has encountered the "golden period" of Pakistan should be based on traditional Chinese medicine resources and improve the Chinese medicine industry, the core competitiveness of the market.